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Dr. Pugach has moved to a new location in Plano, about 15 minutes North of current location.  Please call 972-792-7777 or visit Pure Spring Medical website.
Flu Shot Clinic

Complete Med Care has a flu shot clinic offering influenza immunization and vaccines.  A yearly virus, influenza affects many in the US population (approximately 5 to 20 percent) and may result in mild to lethal sickness.  Different strains of the flu occur each year, so new shots are necessary yearly.  High risk groups include:

- People over the age of 50
- People with chronic health problems
- Women who are pregnant
- Children under the age of 5

It is recommended that individuals within these groups receive yearly flu shots; however, the entire population is at risk of contracting the flu, so yearly influenza immunizations and vaccines are recommended for everyone
Our flu shot clinic provides patients with inexpensive flu vaccinations and is conveniently located in Dallas, TX, near Plano, Richardson, Carollton, and Addison.

Flu shots are available on a walk in basis during regular hours of operation.  The wait time is  generally very short (less than 5 minutes, on the average).  If you have any questions reagarding location and hours of operation, please visit our Location page or call our office  at  972-792-7777 for additional information.
Flu Shot Special: $25 (free for Medicare patients)
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