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Complete Med Care - Primary & urgent care - Dallas - Richardson, TX
Complete Med Care - Primary & urgent care - Dallas - Richardson, TX
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Low Testosterone (Low T)

Testosterone is an essential hormone produced by the testicles that makes men male: it is responsible for the development of facial hair and deeper voice, sexual drive and performance, muscle growth and athletic performance.  Testosterone also affects men's psyche and mood.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Options

     Common methods to replace the testosterone includes: testosterone injections, testosterone cream/gel, and testosterone patches.  All these methods work by having external testosterone enter the body from outside and result in increased testosterone levels.  These methods work regardless if the patient has working testicles or not.  
     A less common method for increasing testosterone involves taking pills can work for some people, by stimulating the testicles to make natural, body-produced testosterone.  This works only for some patients, who have intact functioning testicles.  These pills cause the brain to produce hormones that signal the testicles that more testosterone is needed.  Again, this method only works for a minority of patients with low testosterone.

Low Testosterone Treatment in Dallas area

       There are a lot of choices for low testosterone therapy in Dallas, but the majority of low T clinics that treat nothing except low testosterone are typically staffed by physician assistants (PAs) who have had 2 years of medical training vs typical 7+ years for a physician. This means that the PAs at other clinics may not be familiar with medical conditions other than aging that cause testosterone to be low, such as underactive thyroid, sleep apnea, vitamin D deficiency, depression, iron overload, brain tumors and others.
       At Complete Med Care, you will be evaluated and monitored by a board certified physician for most of your visits.  Physician's much broader and deeper medical knowledge allows your testosterone treatment to be customized, and not be limited to some clinic protocol, and allow determine underlying medical conditions that might be causing low testosterone.

Symptoms of low testosterone:

Low sex drive

Poor erections

Difficulty concentrating

Mid-abdominal fat

Decreased muscle strength

Causes of low T (male hypogonadism)

Aging (most common)


Sleep Apnea

Testicular injury

Nutritional/endocrine deficiencies

Cost of Testosterone replacement treatment

     We accept most insurance plans, so if you have insurance, the price is determined by your health insurance benefits.  Unless you have had previous comprehensive labs, you would typically need two visits with labs.
     For patients without insurance, typical first visit with the doctor and initial labs would cost $300-$350, which would give a very thorough evaluation to determine the cause of your symtoms(typically CBC, CMP, TSH, Total Testosterone, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12).  If the initial labs show low testosterone, repeat testosterone level is done, and will need additional labs to determine the cause. Typically, the second visit with labs is cheaper than the first (typically $250-300), and usually testosterone therapy can be started after the labs come back. 
     Depending on your situation, once the correct dosage is esablished, the monthly cost varies from about $10/month - in case of self/partner administered treatment or was prescribed pills, all the way up to about $100/month - if your symptoms require weekly testosterone injections by our staff (typically patients get injections once every 7-14 days, each injection is $25).  Once the treatment started, consulation and labs to check your progress are typically done at 6 weeks and then every 6 months (typical cost $200-$250).  So the average monthly cost after initial 6 months can be as low as $50/month, if you do not require in-office injections.
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