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Isaac Z. Pugach, M.D., BCIM

Complete Med Care
8989 Forest Lane
Suite 146
Dallas, Texas 75243

Complete Med Care - Dallas Urgent Care, near Richardson, TX
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Dr. Pugach has moved to a new location in Plano, about 15 minutes North of current location.  Please call 972-792-7777 or visit Pure Spring Medical website.

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Complete Med Care - Primary & Urgent Care, Richardson TX
If you would like to make an appointment or  walk-in to the Dallas clinic and want to fill the registration information at home instead of the waiting room, you can do that by clicking the links below.

Print out the registration form, then bring your completed  registration form with you to our office, along with the corresponding IDs if you are using insurance.

To make appontment online, click on the ZocDoc link.
Registration form - part 1

Registration form - part 2 (notices)