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Isaac Z. Pugach, M.D., BCIM

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8989 Forest Lane
Suite 146
Dallas, Texas 75243

Complete Med Care - Dallas Urgent Care, near Richardson, TX
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Dr. Pugach has moved to a new location in Plano, about 15 minutes North of current location.  Please call 972-792-7777 or visit Pure Spring Medical website.

Primary & Urgent Care Services

     We diagnose, treat, and manage the entire range of the medical spectrum, from urgent care and minor emergencies such as acute illnesses and injuries, to high blood pressure and high cholesterol, to complex chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, rheumatologic disorders, and kidney diseases.

     Dr. Pugach, the main physician of our Dallas urgent care center, provides regular primary care, including preventative, age-appropriate checkups, because the best way to stay healthy is to prevent the illness in the first place.  Dr. Pugach is a Dallas family doctor who sees patients ages 2 and up for all general medical problems.

     As a board certified Internal Medicine specialist, Dr. Pugach has special interest in adult and weight-related diseases, such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes.
     In certain cases, Dr. Pugach can treat hypertension using a non-pharmacological means (without pills or injections), by an FDA approved method - other than diet and exercise.  Ask Dr. Pugach about it, if you are interested.  In addition, if you are on expensive blood pressure medications, in some cases, Dr. Pugach might be able to control your high blood pressure with safe and effective drugs that cost less than 4 dollars per month.

     If you have high cholesterol, and are experiencing intolerable side effects from your cholesterol medications, Dr. Pugach might be able to help you to decrease your cholesterol by  using a different type of medications, or, in some cases, even a diet supplement.
     If you have Type 2 diabetes, and you are using insulin and not taking any pills for your diabetes, Dr. Pugach might be able to decrease or eliminate insulin by adding or switching to pills.
We perform many different procedures  and services on-site, including:

- Physical exams
- Strep tests
- Blood draws
- EKGs
- Labs
- Pap smears
- STD testing & treatment
- Skin cut repairs (stiches)
- Vaccinations
- Joint injections
- Respiratory allergy testing & treatment
- PFT (Pulmonary function testing)
- Removal and biopsy of skin moles
- Skin tags removal
- Incision and drainage of abscesses
- DOT Physical Exam
- Occupational Medicine
- USCIS Immigration Physical Exams
- Urine drug testing
- Hearing testing
- PRP injection treatment
- Telemedicine

This is not a complete list, there are many other procedures and services that we can perform.
We diagnose and treat:

- Hypertension
- Diabetes
- High Cholesterol
- Thyroid disorders
- Low Testosterone
- Other chronic conditions